« Using Bypath has meant we’ve saved the costs of a full time employee for every team of ten »
Nicolas Rouzé – Lead Generation Manager

About Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

Since 1997, Bouygues Telecom has offered landline, mobile, Internet, network and cloud communication services to business and professionals.  Working from facilities located both in Paris and across France, the 600 employees of Bouygues Telecom Entreprises help customers choose, install and maintain their telecommunications and IT solutions. They rely on more than seventy licensed Bouygues Telecom dealers spread over the entire country.

The Head of B2B Marketing at Bouygues Telecom Entreprises, Souphaphone Ortega, and the Lead Generation Manager, Nicolas Rouzé, shared their experience gained from working for just a few months with the ByPath solution: citing better information about customers, productivity gains as well as a return on their investment!

Sales Organization

Bouygues Telecom Entreprises relies on a sales force of 110 field sales representatives. Their canvassing covers 6,000 companies with more than 250 employees in France. Each sales representative works in partnership with a member of the lead generation unit in charge of identifying prospects and securing appointments for them.

The ByPath projects involves nine users handling around 200 customer accounts.

A key step in digital transformation

The use of ByPath represented a key step in Bouygues Telecom’s digital transformation, which started in 2015. Currently up to 30% of their appointments are generated through social selling. The purpose of ByPath was to make this type of prospecting on social networks more efficient through:

  • intelligent monitoring of decision-makers at all named accounts (media coverage, positions, interviews, etc.);
  • identifying new strategic contacts;
  • accessing better information about customers by using Kompass data (management and financial information, telephone numbers, headcount, net sales, risk assessment, etc.)


  • Immediate adoption: After being in use for less than three months, ByPath has become the second most frequently used tool by the lead generation teams.
  • New business: After six months, users have managed to successfully approach six accounts who were previously in business with Bouygues Telecom’s competitors
  • Productivity gains: The time spent researching each account has been cut in half! ByPath users need only fifteen minutes to approach several contacts in the account. As a result this represents a saving on the costs of one full-time employee over a year, for every team of ten!

The key factors behind this success

1/ Personalized setup: The key requirements were identified and initiated at the launch meeting, so that the users could make best use of the system:

  • Timetable of on-site training courses (Lyon & Bordeaux)
  • Personalized monitoring of users
  • Group workshops every six weeks with all teams

The ByPath system became operational within less than one month!

2/ Specific parameters adapted to the organization: ByPath takes into account the prospecting environment and territory covered by each two-person team. This meant that the information provided related specifically to their business needs.

 3/ Complementarity with existing tools: ByPath is considered complimentary to tools such as LinkedIn in speeding up the social selling process. It is used in anticipation of projects to provide key information about prospects and identify new contacts, whilst LinkedIn is more commonly used as a preferred communication channel to approach prospective customers.