DOCAPOST digitalizes its sales force with ByPath

The path to Trade Intelligence

To digitize its sales force, DOCAPOST needed an additional tool to be coupled to CRM in order to make sales actions more fluid and efficient. The sales representatives wanted to be able to simply capture the information and identify the decision-makers, in a few clicks and without input!

“We needed a tool that offered us a 360° vision in order to gain in commercial efficiency. »

“The more we progressed in CRM, the more we were interested in business intelligence solutions to help us better understand our contacts. »

“Intuitive and easy to use, the Bypath tool gives me the opportunity to have information that facilitates prospecting, such as current topics that concern my customers.”

Download this customer case study to discover the testimonials of 3 key players in this deployment, the CRM and digital project manager, the DOCAPOST sales manager and an ETI and Key Account Manager. They detail their specific needs and how the ByPath solution has met their expectations.